Art Sonje Center Docent School

The Art Sonje Center Docent School offers a unique opportunity for participants to gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary art through a comprehensive docent program. Through this program, participants can engage in planning, organizing, and executing contemporary art-related curricula and docent activities focused on ASJC programs. Participants also have the chance to work as Art Sonje Center docents.

The Docent School runs two to three semesters per year, with tuition fees applied. Please refer to the official announcement for detailed information on the application process and program schedule.

Docent Program

Art Sonje Center provides Docent Programs for all exhibitions, providing visitors with an informative and engaging experience. Please refer to the announcements and individual exhibition information on the ASJC website for schedules and program details. Docent programs can be reserved online or onsite, and an exhibition ticket is required for attendance.
For those seeking a more specialized experience, we offer paid docent programs. Please inquire below for more information on paid docent programs.

※ Inquiries for special paid docent programs