Art Sonje Center’s collection has grown alongside the center’s history of exhibitions and programs. One of the key curatorial methodologies embraced by Art Sonje Center is the facilitation of new productions and commissions, fostering an environment where artists are encouraged to embark upon novel challenges and experimental approaches. This collaborative process between artists and the center encourages growth and expands the possibilities of contemporary art. The resulting artworks are preserved and thoroughly studied as invaluable pieces in the Art Sonje Center’s collection. Through the diverse range of artworks housed at Art Sonje Center, visitors can explore not only the rich history of the center but also witness the dynamic evolution of contemporary art since the 1990s. Some of the major collection exhibitions include “Resonance” (1998), “5” (2003), and “Connect 1: Still Acts” (2016).

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Heinkuhn Oh(1963- )
Dongi Lee(1967- )
Lee Bul(1964- )