Architecture and Facilities


Art Sonje Center was designed by the Korean architect Kim Jong-sung (b. 1935). Kim is known for his expertise in modern architectural concepts of technology, structure, and function. With a focus on creating spaces that seamlessly blend form and function, Kim creatively reinterpreted the site’s street corner location that was previously occupied by a traditional Korean hanok home and proposed a design for ASJC that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Kim’s other notable works include the Seoul Hilton Hotel, the Seoul headquarters of SK, and the Seoul Museum of History.


Art Sonje Center is a multi-level building with three floors and one basement level, providing ample space for exhibitions and events. The exhibition spaces include The Ground on the first floor, Space 1 on the second floor, and Space 2 on the third floor, each with a height of 3.9 meters and measuring 219m2, 456m2, and 466m2 in area, respectively. The basement level houses the Art Hall, which features a proscenium stage and seating for 238 people. The interior and rooftop gardens provide a unique spatial experience within an urban setting.

Rental Inquiries

Please contact us via email if you are interested in renting a venue at ASJC.

Exhibition space: The Ground


Learning space: The Ground-L


Exhibition space: Space 1

456㎡, (h)3.9m

Exhibition space: Space 2

466㎡, (h)3.9m

Art Hall

238 seats, Proscenium stage
(w)9.5 x (d)4.9 x (h)6.7 m
2K Digital Cinema Projector, Dressing room

Inner Garden – Hanok

Rooftop Garden