Patrons Circle

Patrons Circle

“The Art Sonje Center Patrons Circle is a program that invites art enthusiasts and leaders to join the institution in its creative endeavors and contribute to the development of Korean art and culture.”

Founded in 1998, Art Sonje Center is a contemporary art institution that showcases exhibitions, public programs, and commissioned projects by artists, aiming to expand the potential of Korean contemporary art. In addition, the Center has played a crucial role in promoting Korean art worldwide through collaborations with global art institutions.

Members of the Art Sonje Center Patrons Circle play a crucial role in supporting challenging and innovative contemporary art activities, fostering a healthy art world ecosystem. By sharing their passion for culture and the arts, these members contribute to shaping the ASJC vision and the future of Korean contemporary art, reflecting their passion for culture and the arts.

Patrons Circle Program

○ Annual Contribution: 10 million KRW

○ Special programs
– Exclusive exhibition viewings with ASJC curators and directors (3-4 times per year)
– Special talks by experts on contemporary art and culture (once a year)
– Visits to artist studios and individual collections (once a year)
– Cultural and art travel in Korea and overseas (once a year, expenses not covered)
– Exchange programs with Patrons Circle of overseas art institutions (seasonal)

○ General benefits
– Recognition as a Patrons Circle member on the ASJC homepage and in major publications
– Free admission to ASJC exhibitions, talks, and performances (including up to three guests)
– A complimentary ASJC membership gift and copies of ASJC publications for the year
– A 30% discount on ASJC Art Editions


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