The 5th Docent School

2024. 6. 19. – 2024. 8. 14.

The 5th Docent School

Do Ho Suh: Speculations will be opening this August at Art Sonje Center. This large-scale solo exhibition features work by one of the most notable figures in Korean contemporary art. It highlights Do Ho Suh’s reconfiguration into the comprehensive concept of ‘Speculation,’ encompassing his two-decade-long exploration of themes such as Time, Memory, and Dreams.. Suh characterizes his creative pursuits as integral to the realm of Speculations, presenting a myriad of storytelling approaches that explore new possibilities stemming from his personal memories to those of the wider public.

Join us for the 5th Docent School, coinciding with the exhibition, Do Ho Suh: Speculations. This opportunity invites participants to immerse themselves in planning and organizing an enriching curriculum centered around the artworks showcased in the exhibition. This program will provide an opportunity to gain invaluable experience and further work as a docent at Art Sonje Center.

*Please note that this program will be only available in Korean.

○ Curriculum

1June 19Art Museum of and Docent: the meaning and the role of a Docent
(Split into two classes)
Brice Kim (Educator, Art Sonje Center)
2June 26Contemporary Art: From Speculative Fabulation to Critical FabulationSooyoung Leam
(Independent Curator)
3July 3Do Ho Suh within Contemporary Art HistoryWoo Jung-Ah
(Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, POSTECH)
4July 10Script Writing Techniques
Understanding the Docent Field
(Split into two classes)
Brice Kim (Educator, Art Sonje Center)
The 1st ASJC Docent
5July 17Seminar
(Split into two classes)
6July 24Do Ho Suh: SpeculationsSunjung Kim
(Artistic Director, Art Sonje Center)
7July 31Script Writing
8August 7Docent Demonstration
(Split into two classes)
9August 14Curator-led Tour and Q&AHeeHyun Cho
(Head of Exhibitions, Art Sonje Center)
2024. 6. 19. – 2024. 8. 14.
Between June 19 – August 14, 2024. Every Wednesday, 16:00-18:00, 19:00-21:00

Do Ho Suh: Speculations


Aged 19 and over

Positions available

30 (15 per class)


₩225,000  (previous participant in the 4th)
₩200,000  (previous participant in the 3rd and the 4th)

Application period

June 3 until June 14, 2024


Art Sonje Center

Docent-Guided Tour Dates

August 17 – October 27, 2024