[ASJC Neighbor] Facing Each Other – Docent guided tours for Deaf audience

2023. 10. 7. – 10. 14.

[ASJC Neighbor] Facing Each Other – Docent guided tours for Deaf audience

Since 2019, Art Sonje Center has consistently extended invitations to marginalized communities, offering them engaging opportunities to partake in art museum visits and educational programs. In a continued effort to promote inclusivity, Art Sonje Center is excited to introduce a new program category, “ASJC Neighbor,” commencing this year. This innovative initiative is purposefully designed to elevate inclusivity and accessibility, with a particular focus on ensuring engagement for individuals with disabilities.

As the initial step in this journey, we proudly present the program “Facing Each Other,” tailored for individuals with hearing impairments and the deaf community. This program explores ways of connection between individuals with hearing impairments, the deaf, and those with typical hearing. Deaf individuals, especially those who rely on sign language, predominantly communicate through body language, including hand gestures and the vital act of maintaining eye contact during conversations. This cornerstone of communication forms the foundation of the “Facing Each Other” program.

Docent guided tours for Deaf audience will be held in conjunction with the Suh Yongsun: My Name Is Red exhibition. These programs will be led by carefully selected professional docents who have completed Art Sonje Center’s docent school and possess a strong interest in sign language interpretation. With guidance from field experts, they have crafted cultural translations of the exhibition’s explanation script. These individuals, alongside experienced sign language interpreters with expertise in museum exhibitions, will provide customized interpretations for individuals with hearing impairments and the Deaf.

2023. 10. 7. - 10. 14.
Sat. 14:00

Guided Tours of Suh Youngsun: My Name is Red with Korean Sign Language Interpretation


Sat. October 7, 2023 / Sat. October 14, 2023


*The tours are approximately 40-60 minutes long.
*Docent programs can be reserved online

Tour rates

Free for exhibition ticket holders on the day
*Free admission: 8 and under, over 65, Visitors with disabilities, ICOM/CIMAM/SCM cardholders


Please book via the link below at least 7 days in advance to secure your spot.
(a maximum group size of 10 people)
※ Inquiries for docent programs for a group(e.g. school): +82-2-730-6241

Organized by

Art Sonje Center

Supported by

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Korea Arts & Culture Education Service
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Sobosa Alternative School