Past Exhibition

Suh Yongsun: My Name is Red

July 15 – October 22, 2023

The Ground, Space 1, Space 2, Art Sonje Center

Suh Yongsun: My Name is Red

Art Sonje Center is proud to present Suh Yongsun: My Name is Red, a solo exhibition by Suh Yongsun from July 15 to October 22. Since the 1970s, Suh Yongsun has been dedicated to exploring the modernity of Korea, through the interplay of “people, cities, and history.” Expanding upon this foundation, he delves into the conditions and meanings of contemporary life from a perspective of “matter, environment (nature), and mythology,” drawing from the universality of world history. Previous exhibitions dedicated to Suh Yongsun’s artistic journey have showcased the outcomes of these endeavors, employing a discerning visual approach that focuses on the essence of subject matter and themes.

The exhibition at Art Sonje Center is an attempt to re-examine Suh’s artistic oeuvre and position it within an alternative framework, departing from the conventional logic of Korean modern and contemporary painting. Under the overarching themes of “people-cities-and history,” the artist’s oeuvre ventures to uncover the very essence of human existence and the profound significance of life through a pictorial exploration, transcending the boundaries of societal and natural milieus, and venturing into the realm of the mythic. This exhibition endeavors to shed light on the focal point of Suh Yongsun’s artistic pursuit – the conceptualization of a “pictorial space” – a theme that is paramount to the artist’s creative vision and is intricately examined within he showcased works.

The exhibition is composed of three parts and will be presented in two phases. Part 1 and Part 2 of the exhibition will be open from July 15 to October 22. Part 3, featuring paintings and sculptures, will be on view from September 15 to October 22.

Presenting more than 70 works by Suh Yongsun, including pieces from the 1980s and 90s to his most recent works, the exhibition aims to transcend the boundaries of previous assessments and discussions and to provide an opportunity to rediscover his paintings as part of a comprehensive artistic world.

※ The title of the exhibition, My Name is Red, was taken from Benim Adım Kırmızı (1998), a novel by Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk. Set in the Ottoman Empire in 1591, the novel revolves around paintings and painters, depicting the conflict between the traditional world and the West.

July 15 – October 22, 2023
The Ground, Space 1, Space 2, Art Sonje Center
Suh Yongsun
Sponsored by
Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd.
Supported by
Arts Council Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture