Public Program

Tom Sachs Space Program: Indoctrination Artist Talk

June 26, 2022, 3 pm

Art Hall, Art Sonje Center

Tom Sachs Space Program: Indoctrination Artist Talk

Art Sonje Center is pleased to announce the artist talk with Tom Sachs. Born in 1966, Tom Sachs is a sculptor and visionary who recontextualizes American do-it-yourself culture and bricolage methodologies in original ways. Tom Sachs Space Program: Indoctrination is Sachs’ first solo exhibition ever in South Korea and the fifth exhibition in his Space Program series, which began in 2007.

As a setting for showing, experiencing, and taking part in the meticulous indoctrination process that drives the space program and the associated adventure, the exhibition is a place for education and gaining a new understanding of the anthropocene and humanity’s effect on this world and other worlds.

About the Artist

Tom Sachs (b.1966, New York) Artist.

Sachs’ genre defying mixed media sculptures, often recreations of modern icons using everyday materials, show all of the work that goes into producing an object – a reversal of modernization’s trend towards products with cleaner, simpler, and more perfect edges. Sachs’s sculptures are conspicuously handmade; lovingly cobbled together from plywood, resin, steel, and ceramic. The scars and imperfections in the sculptures tell the story of how it came into being and remove it from the realm of miraculous conception. His studio team of ten functions like a teaching hospital or cult, that worships plywood and an ethos of transparency.

June 26, 2022, 3 pm
Art Hall, Art Sonje Center
Admission fee
* The talk will be translated between English and Korean. * We will receive preliminary questions through the official Instagram of the Art Sonje Center. * Please enter before the start of the talk.

Jang Un Kim (Director, Art Sonje Center)