Public Program

Museum as Playground: Languages All Around US: Exploring Language in Museum

2019. 1. 7. – 1. 11, 10 am – 12 pm

Museum as Playground: Languages All Around US: Exploring Language in Museum

‘Languages All Around Us’ – Language is everywhere we go: at home, on the street, in school, in writing, in pictures, or when we speak with each other. Language is something that shows us the world, but also something we learn. What languages can we find in an exhibition? What can we say and learn with these new languages – can they help us draw without pencils or speak without words?

‘Languages All Around Us’ is a 5-day workshop where, in an English-speaking environment, participants are invited to think about language and art through Julien Prévieux’s Pinch to Zoom exhibition at Art Sonje. For each of the 5 sessions, participants will look closely at different artworks and engage in activities, individually and in groups, to explore ways of seeing, doing and saying.

Encouraged to listen and speak in English, participants will use their minds, eyes, ears, hands, arms, and feet, as well as their curiosity, to draw, perform, question, and play with ideas at Art Sonje and in the exhibition.

Claudia Pestana
Claudia Pestana has been working in the museum and art field since 2000 and involved with museum learning and education at institutions in Lisbon, London, and Seoul. From 2008 to 2010, she was assistant curator at Nam June Paik Art Centre, part of the Samuso exhibitions team in 2010, and Experimentation and Research Projects Curator for the ACC Archive and Research Center in 2014.

Yujin Jeong
Yujin Jeong studied Korean-English interpretation and translation in B.A., art theory in M.A. With interests in visual art’s potentials in public sphere, currently she is working for Art Sonje Center as a museum educator.

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Shinhan Bank 100-024-172796 (재)대우재단아트선재센터
*The ticket should be paid by January 6 Sunday, 12am.
* There is no refund on the day of event.

Participants: 1 st – 3rd in elementry school (Age 7  – 9, Max 10 person)

Language: English & Korean

Educator: Claudia Pestana, Yujin Jeong


2019. 1. 7. – 1. 11, 10 am – 12 pm
Claudia Pestana, Yujin Jeong
Organized by
Art Sonje Center
Admission fee
80,000 KRW