Public Program

Dan Lie: 36 Months of Loss Artist Talk

Sat. February 17, 2024

Art Hall, Art Sonje Center

Dan Lie: 36 Months of Loss Artist Talk

Join us for an inspiring talk with artist Dan Lie as they unveil the creative journey behind the exhibition, sharing insights from previous studies and exhibition experiences. Lie transforms museum spaces into dynamic ecosystems, collaborating with diverse elements like fungi, enzymes, and beings invisible to the eyes. Using natural materials such as soil, flowers, and spores, Lie creates unique installations that adapt to exhibition environments, climates, and biological elements.

Through the artist talk, attendees can delve into Dan Lee’s research process and gain a better understanding of the exhibition’s evolution.

In 2024, marking the third anniversary of Lie’s father’s passing, the artist reinterprets the three-year mourning period in Korean funeral rituals. Materials like sambe (hemp cloth), straw, and onggi (Korean earthenware) illustrate Lie’s unique grieving process involving decomposition, growth, fermentation, and annihilation. As a trans-nonbinary artist, Lie explores themes of rotting and fermentation, transcending binary notions of life and death.

Secure your spot for an unforgettable journey into the extraordinary world of Dan Lie’s artistry!

About the Artist

Dan Lie (b. 1988)
Dan Lie is an artist who demonstrates how abjection can be a tool for subversion and expansion. Their practice celebrates natural cycles of transformation and the many interdependent exchanges that structure ecosystems. A fundamental aspect of Lie’s practice is their desire to develop works which de-center human agency and subjectivity. Working in collaboration with forces they term “other-than-human beings,” such as bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, minerals, and beings invisible to the eyes, Lie creates site- and time-specific works that can be experienced through multisensory channels. By giving visibility to materials that morph, decay, and evolve, Lie’s ecosystems highlight the intimate yet expansive coexistences among diverse beings, acknowledging our shared and continuous participation in the processes of living, dying, and decomposing. Based in Berlin with roots in both Indonesia and Brazil, Lie identifies as a transgender and non-binary artist.

Sat. February 17, 2024
Art Hall, Art Sonje Center
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Dan Lie


Je Yun Moon (Project Director, Art Sonje Center), Jina Kim (Project Director, Space for Contemporary Art)