Public Program

Artist Talk: mixrice (Jieun Cho)

27, Apr, 2016 (Wed) 18:00

Offsite Art Sonje

Artist Talk: mixrice (Jieun Cho)

The Art Sonje Center is pleased to present mixrice member Jieun Cho’s artist talk at the Offsite Art Sonje. The artist will speak about mixrice’s recent research that resulted in their video work One buries wrinkles and unearths memories (2015), which tells stories of Joseon Koreans who were forcibly relocated in Japan and Indonesia during the Pacific War, and those of the scholars and artists who have attempted to trace and document their migratory life. Sharing mixrice’s interest in investigating “personal experiences, forgotten existences, and disconnected scenes” that have long been hidden behind the history of modernization and the ideologies of colonialism and ethnic unity, Cho will demonstrate how their work aims to connect the gaps between the past, present, and future, and the gaps between history, memory, and everyday life.

About the Artist
mixrice is a project team of Jieun Cho and Chulmo Yang, whose artistic and curatorial practice navigates around the issue of migration. Working across a wide range of mediums, including video, photography, painting, design, action, comics, workshop, and writing, they have explored the various trails of migration—its processes, routes, consequences, and memories. Currently, they are researching on the migration and evolution of plants and the traces of colonization. mixrice has exhibited at Sharjah Biennial 12 (UAE, 2015), nnncl & mixrice (Atelier Hermès, Seoul, 2013), the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (Brisbane, 2012), The Antagonistic Link: Electric Palm Tree (Casco, Utrecht, 2009), Bad Boys, Here and Now (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, 2009), A Dish Antenna (Alternative Space Pool, Seoul, 2008), Activating Korea: Tides of Collective Action (Govett-Brewster Art Museum, Plymouth, 2008), and The 6th Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju, 2006), among others. Their publications include artist books nnncl & mixrice (Hermès Korea, 2014), A Flat Empty Lot (ForumA, 2011), Message to Dhaka (Sai Comics, 2000).

About the Offsite Art Sonje Program
The Art Sonje Center initiated the Offsite Art Sonje Program in January 2016 to continue the museum’s educational role and extend its program venue while the Center is temporarily closed for renovation. Located near the Center, the Offsite Art Sonje hosts talk events on the last Wednesday of each month until the Center reopens in the fall. Its large window wall permits passersby to peer inside the space, blurring the line between inside and outside. The Offsite Art Sonje Program hopes to offer unique and meaningful experiences of museum programs to both the participants and the onlookers.

27, Apr, 2016 (Wed) 18:00
Offsite Art Sonje
mixrice (Jieun Cho)
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Art Sonje Center
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* Due to the Art Sonje Center’s renovation, this program will be held in the Offsite Art Sonje.