Past Exhibition

Tom Sachs Space Program: Indoctrination

2022. 6. 22 – 8. 7

Space 1, 2 & Art Hall

Tom Sachs Space Program: Indoctrination

“Going to the moon was THE art project of the twentieth century.”
“We go to other worlds not because we’ve fucked up this planet and are looking for a new home, but to better understand our resources here on Earth.” – Tom Sachs

Art Sonje Center presents Tom Sachs’ first solo show in Korea, highlighting his bricolage sculpture technique to present twists on contemporary society, culture, politics, and economy. Sachs’ Space Program project began in 2007. Since then, it has expanded to include Space Program: Mars (2012), Space Program: Europa (2016), Space Program: Rare Earths (2021).

Recontextualizing American do-it-yourself culture and bricolage methodologies in original ways, Sachs’ Space Program is an example of adventure by the artist and his crew as they seek to gain a clearer understanding of the situation we now face and to explore new alternatives. If Sachs’ Space Program of the past are viewed as a full activation – sharing a glimpse and experience of the process of exploring and colonizing new environments in search of new resources – the Space Program by Sachs that appears at Art Sonje Center is designed to function as an “education center” for those seeking to learn what it takes to go to space with plywood, duct tape and solder.

Space Program: Indoctrination is not a survey. It is an Indoctrination Center that presents the values of Sachs’ studio. The dictionary definition of “indoctrination,” refers to a form of teaching through force-feeding or brainwashing, or to the condition of believing unreasonable or mistaken things and forcing them on others. Therefore, this term is an allegory that explains the concept of the exhibition and a key to understand the world that Sachs creates. The curtain has been pulled back to show visitors not only how each work is made, but the philosophy behind the making.

Space 1 include a bricolage version of the Apollo Program’s Saturn V Moon Rocket, and an array of Special Effects sculptures activated during each mission, each now displayed as totemic tributes to Sachs’ historical journeys to other worlds.

Space 2 welcomes visitors to learn about the Studio’s doctrine and rituals, by participating in missions and tests of knowledge required for recognition as new members of Sachs’ Space Program. Those who fail are given a second chance after re-watching the Required Viewing videos presented at the Re-education Center in the Art Hall.

Starting with the moon and continuing on to Mars, Europa and most recently to 4-Vesta, Sachs’ Space Program demonstrates the artist’s bold spin on the desire of human beings, who are seeking now to colonize space, venturing beyond a world that has already been colonized through our modernization and industrialization process.

As a setting for showing, experiencing, and taking part in the meticulous indoctrination process that drives the space program and the associated adventure, the exhibition is a place for education and gaining a new understanding of the anthropocene and humanity’s effect on this world and other worlds.

■ Artist Talk
• Date : 2022.6.26.(Sunday). 15:00-16:30
• Venue : Art Sonje Center, Art Hall
※ For the duration of the artist talk, there will be no screening at the ‘Re-education center.

■ Re-Education Center Screening
• Programs :
10 Bullets | 2020 | 21min
Color | 2011 | 26min
How to Sweep | 2012 | 4min
Love Letter to Plywood | 2012 | 10min
Space Camp | 2012 | 6min
Paradox Bullets | 2018 | 25min
Hero’s Journey | 2017 | 38min
• Venue : Art Sonje Center, Art Hall
• Time : Twice a day, 13:00, 16:00 (Total running time: 130 min)
※ Please note that entrance for late-comers may be restricted.

■ Special Screening
• Title : Space Program | 2015 | 66min
• Venue : Art Sonje Center, Art Hall
• Date/Time : Every Wednesdays at 19:00
※ Please note that entrance for late-comers may be restricted.

2022. 6. 22 – 8. 7
Space 1, 2 & Art Hall
Tom Sachs
Sponsored by
Maeil Dairies Co. Ltd., Thaddaeus Ropac
Supported by
US Embassy in the Republic of South Korea, OIL TANK CULTURE PARK