Past Exhibition

Publishing as Method

October 30 – December 20, 2020

Art Sonje Project Space (1F)

Publishing as Method

Art Sonje Center and The Book Society present Publishing as Method from Oct 30 to Nov 20. Publishing as Method is a project on art publishing, especially small art publishing in Asia, and this exhibition will be a kind of prologue of this project. We will proceed with the project as exhibition, publication and production of documentary film, with the aim of outline the contexts and circumstances behind the revitalization of this culture in major Asia cities in recent years. Especially, this exhibition will be an attempt to invite artists and collectives who are the background of this culture to outline how they develop their activities and utilize their method within their context.

October 30 – December 20, 2020
Art Sonje Project Space (1F)
Hu Fang, Kayfa ta, Min Guhong Manufacturing, Ryu Hankil, Sulki & Min, Writing Band, Yoon Jeewon, ZINE COOP
Organized by
Art Sonje Center, The Book Society
Curated by
Lim Kyung yong
Supported by
Arts Council Korea, Korea Arts Management Service
Research Collaboration
Hyun Seewon, mediabus
Graphic Design
Sulki & Min
Exhibition Design
Ku Jaehoi
Production Management
Sim Kyusun
Min Guhong Manufacturing