Past Exhibition

Platform Seoul 2009: Platform in Kimusa

September 3 – 25, 2009

Art Sonje Center (Hanok and Arthall), old Defense Security Command site (KIMUSA)

Platform Seoul 2009: Platform in Kimusa

Under the theme “Void of Memory,” Platform in KIMUSA of Platform 2009 is an exhibition that rediscovers the spaces that have been unused or forgotten for a period of time. Kimusa, the old site of the Defense Security Command (DSC) in Sogyeok-dong, is a meaningful place historically, architecturally, and culturally, because it has undergone several transformations up until today.

The exhibition introduces diverse voices from both the mainstream and non-mainstream art worlds, and provides a vision for new institutions. These voices, after all, are the tools that open up the possibility of communication between the members of different communities in the city. Therefore, Platform in KIMUSA is an experimental ground on which critical and alternative discussions on “New Institutionalism” can be held through exhibitions and events.

Platform in KIMUSA is comprised of diverse exhibition sections, events and lectures. There are four main sections: P1 is the main exhibition; P2 presents artists recommended by other artists; P3 features a series of projects curated by institutions; and P4 shows the visions of international art institutions. Public Programs and special events are also held throughout the project. Platform in KIMUSA, composed of the various sections above, explores new roles of art by focusing on diverse aspects of art that have been excluded or neglected from contemporary art discourses as well as unrecognized visions and voices of the art world.

 P 1
Ai Weiwei, AVPD, Seung Woo Back, Jin Hwan Bae, Bae Young-whan, Magnus Bärtås, Christian Boltanski, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Nayoungim & Gregory Maass, Shilpa Gupta, Mona Hatoum, HWANG Se-jun, Runa Islam, Jang min-sung + Jung Jae-il, Yeondoo Jung, Chosil Kil, Hyun-jin Kwak, Lee Bul, Seulgi Lee, Christian Marclay, Aiko Miyanaga, NOH Suntag, Park Chan Kyong, Jinnie Seo, Shimabuku, Taro Shinoda, Bob and Roberta Smith, Nedko Solakov, Camila Sposati, Sulki & Min, U Sunok, Jun Yang, Yangachi, Yee Sookyung, Tomoko Yoneda, Carey Young

P 2 Artists Recommended by Artists
Seunghwoe Kim, Moon Gun ho (by Young-whan Bae) / Royce Ng, Ju-Young Yoon(by Kyungah Ham) / E Roon Kang (by Jin Jung) / Jungki Beak, Kim Jaebum (by Yeondoo Jung) /Seok-Hee Jung (by Kim Beom) / Soohee Kim (by Wol-sik Kim) / Soungwon Lee (by Rim Dong Sik) / Jaegu Kang, Kyung Eun (by Oh Heinkuhn) / Jung YoonSuk, Lee Junghee (by Park Chan Kyong) / Jeannette Louie (by Jinnie Seo) / FUJIKI Masanori, Rainbow Okayama, TOYOTA Michinori (by Shimabuku) / Paul Elliman (by Sulki & Min) / JI HOON HA, Jung Marie (by Yee Sookyung)

P 3 Projects by Invited Curators
[part1] Hyun chang-min, Lee Da Seul, lee jungja, Ko Woori, Sunwoo yong [part2] Noh Geun-Woo, Paik Yeonhee, PARK HAE BIN, Yoon Hyangro [part3] Wan young Doe, JUNG HAE JUNG, Jung Manzo, Kim So na, Uros sanjevic (by B109) / Four Seasons QQ (by Electric Palm Tree) / Lee Dueg Young, Yun Suyeon (by Keum Hyun Han) / Choon Choi (by Hyunjin Kim) / Joo Kyung Yoon (by Jang Un Kim) / Rim Dong Sik (by Lee Yoonhee) / Sojung Jun, Lee Kit, Jina Park, Kaneuji Teppei (by Sunyoung Oh, Kyongfa Che) / Alain Declercq, Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, Thu Van Tran (by Nathalie Viot)

P 4 Projects by Invited Institutions
“Under My Skin” Emil Goh, David Griggs, Pat Hoffie, Megan Keating, Louise Paramor (by Asia Link) / “Multichannel Casco” (by Casco) / “Other Worlds : The Hayward Gallery Project Space in South Korea” Matthew Darbyshire, Cyprien Gaillard, Peter Newman, Karen Russo, Martin Sastre, Guido van Der Werve (by Hayward Gallery) / “Library Project” (by MACBA(Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona))/ “the distribution of the illegal” (by normal type) / “Chalets de Tokyo 5” Vincent Ganivet (by Palais de Tokyo) / “The Books in KIMUSA” (by The Books) / “Platform on Platform” Takashi Kuribayashi (by Tokyo Wonder Site) 

September 3 – 25, 2009
Art Sonje Center (Hanok and Arthall), old Defense Security Command site (KIMUSA)
Ai Weiwei, Shilpa Gupta
Hosted by
Art Sonje Center
Organized by
Curated by
Sunjung Kim, Mami Kataoka