Past Exhibition


March 16 – April 14, 2002

Art Sonje Center


BLINK is an exhibition introducing and supporting such emerging Korean young artists as Sora Kim, Nam Zie, Haegue Yang, and Haeseung Chung, who are indeed most representative of “here and now.” The title, Blink (which means “twinkle” or “a quick look” or “glimpse”), symbolizes the “twinkle-like”existences that have been captured fleetingly in the otherwise continuously flowing Korean contemporary art world. 

Sora Kim introduces a new kind of work that grasps the concept of “value”in a capitalistic world where money, labor, and technology work harmoniously together. Nam Zie features works showing values of the body and the machine, and the works by Haegue Yang illustrate issues on the individual and system, as well as the deserted human value. Last but not least, Haeseung Chung creates a virtual community titled the Blue Town Project. 

The four artists represented in the exhibition have been selected by four curators: Sunjung Kim, Sungwon Kim, Hyunjin Kim, and James Lee, and the exhibition is co-curated by these four.

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March 16 – April 14, 2002
Art Sonje Center
Haegue YANG, Haeseung Chung, Nam Zie, Sora Kim
Supported by
Art Sonje Friends, Arts & Culture Service
Curated by: Hyunjin Kim, James Lee, Sungwon Kim, Sunjung Kim
Curated by
Hyunjin Kim, James Lee, Sungwon Kim, Sunjung Kim