Past Exhibition

2017 Art Sonje Project #4: Wonwoo Lee – Lost & Found in the Ball

August 12 – 23, 2017

2017 Art Sonje Project #4: Wonwoo Lee – Lost & Found in the Ball

The Art Sonje Center presents its fourth Art Sonje Project this year, Wonwoo Lee’s Lost and Found in the Ball, from August 12 to 23 2017 in the Art Sonje Project Space on the first floor of the museum.
Lee focuses on works that explore the various elements of life, articulating them through various mediums such as performance, sculpture, video and installation, etc. Lost and Found in the Ball is a performance project in which the artist resides in the exhibition space and communicates directly with the audience. The lost and found center in the exhibition space becomes the temporary studio of the artist, where he makes the lost items that visitors wish to find using simple materials such as plywood and wire. This project, which interacts with the audience through lost items as a medium, was inspired by portrait artists on the streets and those who ask for their portraits to be drawn. It’s also an attempt to create a kind of self-portrait which evokes the past and present through the lost items which at one point constituted a specific moment in life.

The exhibition space where the lost and found center is located turns into a ballroom where audiences can dance. Music continues to fill the exhibition space, and all of his works that can be defined as self-portraits are located in the corners of the ballroom. This work proposes ‘dancing’ as one of the four ways — luck, dance, giant and looking into the future — through which the artist responds to anxiety about the uncertain future, which is the main current interest of the artist.
The works scattered throughout the exhibition space become the dancers in the ballroom on behalf of the artist, quietly inviting the audience to dance together.

An opening party will be held on the 2nd floor of Art Sonje Center from 7 to 11 pm on the first day of the exhibition on August 12, 2017. The party will present the underground party crew ‘FUNK ME’, a formation by various artists and party planners.


Opening Party 

Date: 2017.08.12 Sat 7 – 11 pm

Venue: Art Sonje Center 2F

Admission Fee: 10,000 KRW


About the Artist
Wonwoo Lee received his BFA in Sculpture at Hongik University, Korea, and his MFA in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art in London, UK. Lee has shown his works in various prominent art venues in Korea and abroad including Seoul Museum of Art, Art Sonje Center, Amore Pacific Museum of Art, and Songzhuang Art Center (Beijing), as well as having participated in various projects such as Dear_DTLA in LA, US, and Festival 284 at Culture Station 284 in Seoul, Korea. Lee is also a member of the contemporary performance team ‘…Joketta Project’.

Art Sonje Project Space

Newly inaugurated in the latter half of year 2014 on the ground floor space of the museum after its renovation, “Art Sonje Project Space” is a platform for temporary and free artistic endeavors. To replace the museum’s commercial facilities such as cafe and restaurant with an expansion of education and project space, Art Sonje Center invited an architectural project to transform its ground floor public space. While succeeding the spirit of the “Art Sonje Lounge Project (2009-2014)”, more emphasis has been put on the openness of the space and introduction of various programs, such as talks and workshops.

August 12 – 23, 2017
Wonwoo Lee