Past Exhibition

2015 Art Sonje Project #2: Eunu Lee – Tall, Flat, Hung

May 15 – June 07, 2015

Project Space 1F Art Sonje Center

2015 Art Sonje Project #2: Eunu Lee – Tall, Flat, Hung

Art Sonje Center hosts Eunu Lee’s Tall, Flat, Hung for its 2015 Art Sonje Project #2. Eunu Lee who has been focusing on the relationship of objects with others and its conventional usage, distribution and transformed method of use, initiates this project by defining the project space on the first floor of Art Sonje Center as a predisposed condition of her works. By stating, “I didn’t want this exhibition to add disorder on disorder nor be inefficient or unreasonable but at the same time, I wanted to leave it unassociated with the specificity of the space. In this way, I made a list of things that should not be done in this space and I worked with what I should and what I was able to do”, the artist produces forms that originate from physical shapes of the Project Space such as the height of the ceiling or standard measurements of the materials which reflect the architectural structures rather than the institutional conventions and cultural background of an usual art museum.

Artist’s note
The nature of an object is defined by its relation with other objects. Whether an object is a product or an art, or whether it is useful or not is determined by the cultural basis and convention the object is founded upon, the intent it was created to serve, and the kind of people that consume it. I focus not on the abstract concept of objects, but on how the objects are used and distributed in real life. I capture such conventional usages and recombine them with other objects of different natures. Thus, in developing an idea into an artwork, usage of objects or the material nature of ingredients, and various standard units function as the raw material that define the form of my work.

-Eunu Lee

About the Artist
Eunu Lee (b.1982, Seoul, Korea). Her works focus on how objects are used in real life, rather than on the abstract concept of objects. These conventional usages of objects such as manufacturing process, or various standard units are function as the raw materials for her work. She recently held her solo exhibition The Manner of Objects (2014, Gallery Factory, Seoul), also curated and participated Guts and Cooperation (2013, Eunjoo Hong & Hyungjae Kim’s Studio,Seoul), A House Yet Unknown (2013, Art Space Pool, Seoul), Play Time (2012, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul), and has her artist residencies in Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon (2012), Grey Projects (2014, Singapore). She is also a co-founder of Common Center, an art space which established in 2014, Seoul.

About Art Sonje Project Space
Newly inaugurated in the latter half of year 2014 on the ground floor space of the museum after its renovation, “Art Sonje Project Space” is a platform for temporary and free artistic endeavors. To replace the museum’s commercial facilities such as cafe and restaurant with an expansion of education and project space, Art Sonje Center invited an architectural project to transform its ground floor public space. While succeeding the spirit of the “Art Sonje Lounge Project (2009-2014)”, more emphasis has been put on the openness of the space and introduction of various programs, such as talks and workshops.

May 15 - June 07, 2015
Project Space 1F Art Sonje Center
Eunu Lee
Hosted by
Art Sonje Center
Supported by
Arts Council Korea, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture