Past Exhibition

2015 Art Sonje Project #1: HONG Won-Seok – P.S. I LOVE U

April 17 – May 10, 2015

Project Space 1F Art Sonje Center

2015 Art Sonje Project #1: HONG Won-Seok – P.S. I LOVE U

Art Sonje Center hosts P.S. I LOVE U which is a part of the Ministry of Unification’s culture project by an artist, Hong Won-Seok, as the first project of the year 2015 at ‘Art Sonje Project Space’. This project consists of drawings, videos and installations related to the P Taxi which is run by the artist himself, and we are receiving applications from participants who want to get in the P Taxi.

                 A passenger gets in a taxi.
                 “Pyongyang please”
                 But the northernmost area he can possibly go to is Imjingak.

This passenger couldn’t visit his hometown and meet his family for 70 years because he comes from Pyongyang. There are people who are trapped in historic wounds called ‘divisions’ due to serious incidents. But we all sometimes get hurt by conflicts residing in every aspect of our lives.

P.S. I LOVE U exhibition area becomes a taxi stop where the driver waits for passengers, the P taxi heads to the destination according to the route or to the destination where the passenger wants to go. We expect this exhibition and the P taxi journey by artist Hong Won-Seok, who has been holding exhibitions of ‘Taxi’ where meetings and communication take place, to become ‘an artistic archive related to the divided Korean Peninsula’ and ‘a new window for future unification’.

※ The website of UniTV by the Ministry of Unification(, YouTube, Naver Tvcast, Daum Tvpot UniTV channel / -Trailer: 2015.4.17 Friday (Art Sonje Center exhibition and online channels) – Full video: for 9 weeks, June – July.

About the Artist
HONG Won-Seok (1982) received his BFA and MFA from Hannam University, Korea. He has held 8 solo exhibitions, and was awarded Joongang Fine Arts Prize and Songeun Art Award in 2007, as well as being selected MAP Project Artist by Seoul Art Space Mullae in 2013. He has participated in over 80 special exhibitions including The Breath of Fresh at Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art and UP-AND-COMERS at Total Museum of Contemporary Art in 2013.

About Art Sonje Project Space
Newly inaugurated in the latter half of year 2014 on the ground floor space of the museum after its renovation, “Art Sonje Project Space” is a platform for temporary and free artistic endeavors. To replace the museum’s commercial facilities such as cafe and restaurant with an expansion of education and project space, Art Sonje Center invited an architectural project to transform its ground floor public space. While succeeding the spirit of the “Art Sonje Lounge Project (2009-2014)”, more emphasis has been put on the openness of the space and introduction of various programs, such as talks and workshops.

April 17 - May 10, 2015
Project Space 1F Art Sonje Center
HONG Won-Seok
Organized by
REAL DMZ PROJECT Committee, UniTV, Art Sonje Center