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2014 Art Sonje Lounge Project #4: Daum Kim – RSVP

Lounge 1F Art Sonje Center

2014 Art Sonje Lounge Project #4: Daum Kim – RSVP

Art Sonje Center presents RSVP, by Daum Kim, as its fourth Lounge Project. RSVP proposes the lounge space as an interface through which to share the artist’s ideas on the role, conditions, and value of hospitality in today’s society. Kim uses books from the library of SAMUSO, an accumulation of cache files or traces of various exhibitions and exchange SAMUSO has had throughout its years. The artist categorizes the materials both linearly and non-linearly to install them as a reading room, while hiding his works of cards and video in between the pages of books and resources. Through this project, the artist seeks to discuss how hospitality operates and is valid in today’s society.

About Artist

Daum Kim completed BFA from Kookmin University in Seoul. His works address the various interfaces that occur in between numerous relations in our everyday lives. His works have been shown in When the Future Ended (Hite Collection, Seoul, 2014), Censorship (Alternative space Loop, Seoul, 2014), Better than Universe (Daegu Art Factory, Daegu, 2013), Progress under the eyes (Amado Art Space, Seoul, 2013). He is now in the SeMA Nanji residency program.

+ Art Sonje Lounge Project

Meeting its sixth year since inauguration, Art Sonje Lounge Project has sought communication with the public through unconventional artistic endeavors. The Lounge Project invites artists every year to intervene into the public space of the Lounge. In 2014, Art Sonje Center has decided, after much contemplating on the role of museum, to expand the education and project space into the former commercial space of cafe and restaurant. It is under such context that the Art Sonje Space Project was initiated to transform various architectural aspects of the museum, and Choon Choi’s Exit Strategy is currently being presented as the very first Space Project. Also, in the newly furnished education rooms, workshops, talks, and screening programs are to be held to support better communication among artists, curators, critics, and the public.

Lounge 1F Art Sonje Center
Daum Kim
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