Past Exhibition

2012 Art Sonje Lounge Project #1: Making As Living

February 17 – March 27, 2012

Lounge 1F Art Sonje Center

2012 Art Sonje Lounge Project #1: Making As Living

As a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami which occurred on 11th March 2011, many issues which the human race faces rose to the fore. Should we stand against nature or work in harmony with it? What is the meaning of a rich society and way of life? What is it that we should take most care of? In the face of these fundamental questions the proposition of anther value, another way of thinking has the ability to change the mood of despair, and this has been offered to us in the form of those who pursue creative engagements towards regeneration.

“Making As Living” Throughout Japan a great range of efforts towards regeneration are being made, but such efforts are only in their early stages. “WA WA Project” aims to create a platform where support and information may be shared and through which individuals throughout Japan may be connected to form a sustainable community working towards the next 5, 10 or 20 years. Even one year on from the disaster the affected areas are still left with the scars of the tsunami. While on the other hand there is also the continuing of everyday life, just as before the disaster. In March 2012, 1 year after the disaster, “WA WA Project” examines the “Where, Who, With What Thought and What kind of actions are being engaged in”, wishing to share the sentiment of “Making as Living” through this exhibition.

1. Regeneration Leaders Interviews

WAWA Project has engaged in over 20 interviews with leaders of regeneration programs in the affected areas of northeast Japan. In this exhibition video documentation of 6 of these interviews will be presented upon large screen monitors alongside related objects and a donation box which will allow audience members to contribute directly to their efforts.

(Suzuki Sake Brewery (Namiema-chou, Fukushima Pref.) Daisuke SUZUKI)

“A Scattered Town which has Lost Everything.
Through the Making of Sake I wish to give Proof of Life.”

(NPO Kirikiri Revival Firewood (Ootsuchi-chou, Iwate Pref.) Masahiko HAGA)

“Living in Hounour of the Victims ;
We Have Nothing to Fear.”

(Yamada Hachiman Shrine, Oosugi Shrine Chief Priest
(Yamada-chou, Iwate Pref.) Akinari SATO)

“Committed to Recovery in 10 Years.
Festival Revival as a Testament to Regeneration”

(Gambare Shiogama Company Leader
(Shiogama City, Miyagi Pref.) Fumio OIKAWA)

“Unearthing the Buried Treasure of our Home Town.
Establishing a Place which Citizens Can Be Proud Of”

(MMIX Lab Leader (Sendai City, Miyagi Pref.) Takashi MURAKAMI)

“The Story of Objects, the Symbol of Sakura.
Saving Lives by Passing on to the Next Generation”

(Birdo Flugas (Shiogama City, Miyagi Pref.) Aya TAKADA)

“Believing in the power of human imagination and spirit
Let’s create memory and enjoyment to be shared in each moment”

2. News Report Photography Exhibition

Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures suffered immense destruction at the hands of the earthquake and tsunami. Immediately after the disaster worldwide media attention turned upon theTohoku region, with vast amounts of documentation in the form of photos and moving image being taken and transmitted globally. In this exhibition we present the disaster from the perspective of photographers from the local newspapers of each prefecture, exhibiting their photo documentation alongside maps and moving image of the region.

February 17 - March 27, 2012
Lounge 1F Art Sonje Center
Hosted by
Art Sonje Center
Organized by
Non-profit Arts Organization commandN
Supported by
3331 Arts Chiyoda, The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry