Public Program

《Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Cloud》 Artist Talk

Tue. June 4, 19:00-21:00

Art Hall (B1)

《Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Cloud》 Artist Talk

Join us for an engaging talk program featuring the artist Ho Tzu Nyen!

The exhibition Ho Tzu Nyen: Time and the Cloud is an in-depth investigation into the artist’s oeuvre, focusing on three works: The Cloud of Unknowing (2011), Hotel Aporia (2019), and T for Time (2023-). These works represent a sincere inquiry into the life and present of contemporary Asian people, and a vast journey in search of answers to that inquiry. From Ho Tzu Nyen’s extensive oeuvre, the Art Sonje Center pays particular attention to these three works because they illuminate Ho Tzu Nyen’s persistent exploration of modernity as it relates to everyday life, politics/culture, and time. The artist explores the present of Asia as a newborn space shaped by the encounters and clashes between West and Asia, Asia and Asia, empire and colony, and colony and colony. Yet, the artist’s exploration goes beyond simple binary oppositions; it seeks to articulate the present of Asia as a site where many different modernities collide and shatter, where we understand and misunderstand, and where new possibilities are generated and expanded.

Join us in conversations with the artist to delve into his research process and gain insights in the exhibition’s development. This talk program serves as a platform for discussions, providing a deeper understanding of the exhibition’s evolution.

About the artist
Ho Tzu Nyen(b. 1976)

Ho Tzu Nyen is a Singaporean media artist and filmmaker who creates works based on historical and philosophical texts. His series of works, including Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia, explore the complexities of the Southeast Asian region, challenging its homogenization within the Western dialectical historical framework; they illuminate the distinct cultural identity and unique modernity found in different parts of Asia. In his video works, the artist adopts a format in which the images are not played sequentially but algorithmically, questioning the singular temporality of history and addressing the multi-dimensional space-time of Asia that emerges from the overlap and collision of past and future.

Tue. June 4, 19:00-21:00
Art Hall (B1)
Ho Tzu Nyen
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Jang Un Kim(Director, Art Sonje Center), Jeyun Moon(Project Director, Art Sonje Center)