Past Exhibition

Platform Seoul 2009: Bae Young-whan – Library Project “來日(Tomorrow)”

March 7 – April 26, 2009

2F Art Sonje Center

Platform Seoul 2009: Bae Young-whan – Library Project “來日(Tomorrow)”

Bae Young-whan’s library project “來日(Tomorrow)” 
“來日(Tomorrow)” is a project which aims to produce libraries in the form of container or modular type and send them to culturally underprivileged areas. Also, it is a program to grasp actual field through art and to provide and practice social alternatives in a material way. “來日(Tomorrow)”, which expands the realm of art into the public sphere, will be an opportunity to seek alternative practice of public art.

來日(Tomorrow)” exhibition at Art Sonje Center
The exhibition “來日(Tomorrow)”, which continues from March 7 to April 26 at Art Sonje Center 2F is a chance to present the concept of this project. Library models produced as real-size and combinations of various forms of modules for residents, especially for children and the elderly, are installed at the exhibition. Library models, selves and furniture for the books are made intimately of wood and corrugated cardboard like handicrafts. The way these models are produced reflects artist’s intention for this project that if there exists more concerns and volition in our society, emotive cultural places could be made such as libraries in small- towns.

Library project “來日(Tomorrow)”, which expands the sphere of public art is invited as the first program of Platform 2009.

March 7 – April 26, 2009
2F Art Sonje Center
Bae Young-whan
Hosted by
Art Sonje Center
Curated by
Bae Young-whan, Samuso